Drum the Wall (2010)

I always pursue joy. The pursuit of joy is the largest mental channel for sharing emotional energy with others through my life and works. And interactive media art work is the most effective tool for me to connect myself with others through delight. Eventually, the purpose of my works is usually making people feel joyful energy. “Drum the Wall” is an interactive façade projection piece for that purpose.

Generally, façade projection is installed on public places and appreciated by eventual passers-by. Visual enjoyment is the main source of attraction in façade projection. To add live performance, I used drums in this work. Drum is a powerful instrument for generating joyful energy by live performance. “Drum the Wall” makes people feel enormous energy through unexpected harmony between the scale of façade projection and the rhythmic sound of the drum.

Intense energy from the drum performance is transferred to the wall though interactive and dynamic images projected on the wall and visually fed back to the drum player. Though this process, drum player produces dynamic visual effects which look like shaking the wall by hitting drums. Audiences can feel great energy through both visual and audio channels as a rare form of façade projection work.


Directing & Programming with NML

Processing with electric drum and projector

Seoul Nat’l Univ, Seoul, Korea, 21 May 2010.



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